Mar 24, 2010

Trip to the Creation & Earth History Museum This Weekend

Yes, I will be taking a trip to the Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, California on Saturday (believe it or not, they're not open on Sundays). The museum, which is maintained by the "Life and Light Foundation," promises to answer a slew of important questions, including the following:

1) "How old is the Earth?" (Personally, I'm looking most forward to the answer to this one, which I'm guessing is going to be off by a few hundred million years.)
2) "When did the Ice Age occur?"
3) "What is the evidence for the Genesis flood?"
4) "Why is there pain and suffering in the world?" (Finally!)

From its website, the "museum" touts itself as "a show case for a literal six day young earth creation model." I feel like the expression "chomping at the bit" was just invented to describe my anticipation.