May 7, 2011

FCC Opens Controversial New 911 Area Code

In an unexpected move earlier this week, the FCC opened the entire block of numbers in the 911 area code, citing a growing consumer demand for the finite supply of available numbers. While many have hailed the FCC’s decision as “bold” and “necessary”, liberal pundits have complained that consumers will be deprived of necessary services, such as police and fire protection and ambulatory medical treatment. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein defended the FCC’s decision, saying, “It was a balancing act between the need for telephone numbers and emergency services. Ultimately, I think we came out on the right side.”

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was asked to comment on the matter in an interview yesterday with the Associated Press. He said that national telephone numbers are “a state issue” and he didn’t understand why we need the FCC in the first place.