Jan 30, 2007

Poll: Most Americans Think Bush Is Doing Okay, All Things Considered

Sample Peggy Wilson, Secretary of Duluth, Minnesota Daughters of the Revolution, mother, reader to local senior citizens when she doesn’t have a conflict with one of her kids’ sporting events and/or practices, school band events and/or practices or whatever her dumb sister has her roped into doing that week.
Methodology We had a reporter stop Peggy while she was walking into First National Bank to ask her about President George W. Bush.
What she said “You know, I think if you asked the average American how the President is doing, they would say he’s doing okay, all things considered.” When asked what she meant by the phrase “All things considered,” Peggy explained, “With all the criticism he gets from people, it’s a wonder he’s able to get out of bed in the morning.”
When asked if she voted for President Bush in the last election “That’s none of your business, buster!”